48 Years and Counting


It all started in 1970...

Edward Geserick founded Plant Service Corporation in order to service large industrial and petrochemical facilities, in his efforts he created a premier industrial maintenance service in the Delaware Valley.  

A merit shop firm from its inception - Plant Service originally provided craft labor and construction services to the Delaware Valley's large petrochemical industrial base. 

A Plant Service Corporation Employee back then would have been a skilled welder, pipe fitter, millwright, or insulator and been assigned to Monsanto, Shell Chemical, Texaco or Ciba Geigy. However times have changed, as industry has moved many of the large manufacturers out of the region. Today, Plant Service employees are still multi talented and posses a set of skills that include welding, pipe fitting, rigging, steel layout and fabrication. However due to the changes in the industry Plant Service had to adapt and our customer base was refined.

Today, although still providing skilled craft labor and maintenance service, our customers are typically small to mid-sized firms that desire quality of work and productive work habits over quantity of labor force.  

You could say that Plant Service Corporation biggest adaptation, in an industry that continues to change, was the implementation of SUPERBOX.

By 1981 Plant Service Corporation had relocated several large business and industrial plants. In order to safely execute these large moves, Mr. Geserick introduced "Superbox". Re-purposing "used" oversea shipping containers right here in Pitman, NJ became a new normal for Plant Service Corporation. Since then Superbox has grown into a reliable and secure portable storage solution all across the Delaware Valley. 

After Edward Geserick's retirement in 1991, his son David Geserick Sr. took over. He successfully ran the company until 1999 when David unexpectedly passed away. His wife, Helen Geserick took over and has led the company since. 

We're keeping it in the family here at Plant Service Corporation. Edward and David's legacy of quality and dependability lives on through Helen with help from her sons- David Jr., Matthew, Daniel and her nephew Richard. Plant Service Corporation continues to provide the Delaware Valley with reliable and experienced industrial maintenance as well as safe and secure storage.   


David Geserick Sr.